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Its warming up along the Front Range

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Now that winter is on its way out of Colorado, it’s time to look at your yards and building exteriors. 

Many of us live in the mountains or near expanses of open space parks or forests that make the Front Range such a lovely home. Home owners in such areas should be aware of fire prevention measures that can be take BEFORE summer hits and everything starts to dry. 

It is advised that those who live in so called ‘wildland urban interface’ areas take steps to give their homes ‘defendable space’ in case of encroaching wild fires. Precautions should include: 

  • Moving firewood stacks at least 30 ft from nearest structure
  • Clean gutters and roof lines of pine needle, leaves and debris
  • Rake fallen leaves or pine needles from the yard
  • Keep a garden hose hooked up and readily available
  • Move combustible propane and gas tanks away from structures
  • Remove dead trees or shrubs from property

Planning multiple escape routes could also be part of your precautions. Yes, plural routes, if possible. In the event of an emergency, when everyone else is also trying to leave the area, roads can become jammed with worried neighbors. A little planning might alleviate some of that traffic. 

Local fire departments may have more detailed lists on line of preventative measures you can take. SERVPRO of Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen wishes all of our neighbors a safe summer!